Holding an online launch party

Join me on Friday 15th July for the online launch of Lies, Mistakes and Misunderstandings


With a week to go until the release of my novel I’m feeling nervous but excited!

I’ve never held an online event before although I’ve been to a few as a guest. I’ve been doing some research and have been asking more experienced authors for their advice.

Until last year I’d never even heard of online launches but having been to several I think they’re a really good idea.

Of course most authors love the idea of a traditional launch in an exciting venue and there’s no reason why you can’t have that too but these days even big-name publishers  expect their authors to pay for it themselves.

It’s a big outlay, there is a limit to the number of people you can invite, and how far they are prepared to travel. And when you consider the price of an ebook the maths doesn’t really add up.

An online launch helps you reach people from further afield, perhaps the other side of the world. Guests can drop in throughout the day and can attend from the comfort of their office/home so it really doesn’t interfere with their day.

The launches I’ve been to have been very different from each other but each has been suited to the book and that seems to be the key. It’s a new concept and there are no hard and fast rules.

The main purposes of a launch are:

  • to thank people who have supported you in producing the book
  • to increase awareness of your book
  • to sell books.

Most importantly, guests need to know how to ‘get to’ to the launch (it’s the event page) and what to do. I’ve told them they can just drop in and say hello or they can stay longer and join in. There will be a link for them to buy the book and they will be asked to help spread the word but most of all I hope they have fun.

They will also probably need reminding that it’s on.

I’m putting together a schedule so that throughout the day there will be posts about the novel and characters and some extracts. And I will invite guests to travel back in time with me to the 1930s with music, pictures, fun questions and discussions.

Because my novel is a crime story I’ve been thinking of having some murder mystery scenarios and asking people to vote on who the murderer is.


I will also have a couple of guest authors drop in to talk about their crime writing and there will be a draw for small prizes.

As this is my first time and it’s fair to say I’m no techno whiz I’m having to learn a few things from scratch but I’m looking forward to letting you know how I get on in my next post.

Do you have any suggestions? Please leave a comment.




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