The story behind the story – ‘Attention To Death’ by Ailsa Abraham

Where do writers get their ideas from? Over the next few weeks I’ll be quizzing my coffee shop visitors on the inspiration behind their writing. To start the Story Behind the Story series I’m delighted to welcome Ailsa Abraham today to talk about why she has turned to crime.


Thanks for inviting me Katy. My next Crooked Cat publication is “Attention To Death” which will be released next spring.

Newbie and wannabe writers are always advised to “write what you know”, so in my first series I wrote about magical realism, having been a practising Wiccan and High Priestess for some time before pursuing a solo path as a village shaman and healer. From that experience came “Alchemy” and “Shaman’s Drum” the first two in a series which continues but I fancied a break, a change of scene.

My past is long and chequered but I drew on a shared history with my husband for this next book: the military. He was Royal Navy and I was Royal Air Force, so of course I decided to use Army Military Police for this one. I drew on both our memories for sections of this novel. I don’t watch much television but I am addicted to murder mysteries so it seemed appropriate to set a brutal murder on an Army base. Needle in a haystack? More like murderer in a whole group of trained killers!

Possible motives are myriad, superior officers unhelpful, and the case is made more complicated by the personal demons the investigation are both fighting. Let’s just say they don’t have it easy…

Attention to Death will be published in March 2017.


About the author
Ailsa Abraham retired early from a string of jobs, including veterinary nursing, ending up with teaching English to adults. She has lived in France since 1990 and is married with no children but six grandchildren. Her passion is motorbikes which have taken the place of horses in her life now that ill-health prevents her riding. She copes with Bipolar Condition, a twisted spine and increasing deafness with her usual wry humour – “well if I didn’t have all those, I’d have to work for a living, instead of being an author, which is much more fun.”. Her ambition in life is to keep on breathing, and writing.


Alchemy and Shaman’s Drum published by Crooked Cat

Four Go Mad in Catalonia – self-published, available from Smashwords

Twitter –

Facebook – Ailsa Abraham


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