My New Year writing resolutions

Happy New Year – I hope 2017 works out really well for you.

Here are my writing resolutions for the year ahead – I can’t promise to stick to all of them but I’ll certainly try!

Write every day
This includes researching and rewriting (but not just reading over what I wrote last time, making a few small changes and then running out of time.)

Set achievable goals
I’ll be happy if I achieve at least 1000 words per day, one blog post per month and four newsletters a year.

Read every day
img_2727This year I want to read one classic and one book (fiction or non-fiction) that’s relevant to my novel’s genre per month in addition to any others that catch my eye.


Make the most of help available
I’m very lucky to belong to some wonderfully supportive groups and can really benefit from other members’ advice, experience and feedback.

Try something different
I would like to try and get at least one short story into a new magazine.

Be more productive on social media
This year I want to get the balance right between reading other people’s posts and writing my own, leaving more time for my writing.

Improve my technical knowledge
I’ve learnt so much over the past months but there are still many things I feel I should know how to do.

Edit my novel
img_4116I’ve sent an early draft of The Silence to a few experienced readers/reviewers/people with specialist knowledge relevant to the story. I will use their observations and advice together with my editor’s know-how and eagle eye to help get the novel ready for publication.

Prepare for publication day
I plan to use blogs, social media and events to let people know about The Silence well ahead of launch day.

Write the next novel
The Silence is intended to be the first in a series of stories about the Villa Leonida in Tuscany. Each novel will reveal a different secret harboured by the villa. I have the basic structure, storyline and some scenes for the second book in the series – a wartime secret with a contemporary strand that connects with The Silence. I will work on this over the summer.

Complete some unfinished work
I have chunks of novels and short stories sitting on my computer that I’m itching to get on with if I can make time.

Embrace every experience

I’m aware this might sound like an excuse but they say a writer is never off duty so time spent travelling, meeting friends, watching films and going to events might provide just the inspiration I need.

What resolutions have you made? I’d love to hear about them!


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