Meet the author of The Soul Weaver – Heidi Catherine

IMG_6281Today’s coffee shop guest has come all the way from Australia. Heidi Catherine’s beautiful novel The Soul Weaver is published later this month. I have an Author Q&A but first let’s take a look at the book.
IMG_6282She’s loved and lost him a hundred times across a thousand years. She can’t bear to lose him again.
Lin’s dreams are haunted by faces of people she’s never met. Unable to shake the feeling she’s lived before, she’s drawn to Reinier—a stranger whose soul is heartbreakingly familiar from a time gone by.
Reinier helps Lin unravel the mystery of her past life as Hannah, a girl who sacrificed herself for her true love, Matthew. As Lin falls hopelessly in love with Reinier, her memories of her life as Hannah sharpen and she finds herself unable to let go of Matthew.
With her heart torn in two, Lin must decide whether she should stand by Reinier’s side or track down Matthew and fight for his love. What she doesn’t know is that her decision will ripple across our troubled planet, affecting far more lives than just her own.
Winner of Romance Writers of Australia’s Emerald Pro award, The Soulweaver is a story that will change the way you see the world.


Welcome to the coffee shop Heidi. What would you like?

I’d love a skinny cappuccino please. Those apple and cinnamon muffins look great too! Thank you.

If you have had a previous life who were you and when was it?

I love this question! Given that I wrote a whole book on reincarnation, clearly I have a fascination with this subject. I’ll try to keep my answer short. Recently I had a past life reading with the most amazing kinesiologist. She told me that I had three past lives that she could see, which had relevance to my present life. Firstly I was an actor in black and white movies, which is supposed to show my ability in this life to slip into many roles. I was also a miner trapped underground, hence my desire to have freedom to stretch and grow. And I was a dancer, which apparently shows that I have ease and purity (definitely not rhythm, as I have none of that whatsoever in this lifetime!)

I love the sound of the black and white movie actor – what a fascinating life! How does where you live inspire what you write?

I live in Melbourne, Australia, and I’ve recently moved to a house that’s built in the grounds of an old mental asylum. A lot of the old buildings are still in the estate and are now occupied by a university. We have a wildlife sanctuary at one end of our street and an old spooky chapel at the other. I love it! I haven’t actually written any new books since living here, but I’m very keen to write one that’s either set in the old asylum or with something supernatural going on in one of the buildings.

That sounds wonderful. Now, if you could have a superpower what would you choose?

Definitely teleportation because I love to travel, but I really hate to fly. It would be so good to be able to blink my eyes and pop over to Paris for the day. Or Rome. Or Mykonos… That’s one of the reasons The Soulweaver is set in Australia, Hong Kong, London and New York—while I was stuck in the one place writing it, my mind could travel around the world.

I agree it’s one of the best things about being a writer – being able to travel anywhere inside your head! What is the story behind your story? 

I was a very curious child and one day I asked my mother what would happen if a widow remarried, only to one day find herself in heaven with two husbands. My quick-thinking mother told me that in heaven there’s no jealousy, only pure love. I really liked that answer (and I still do!) and over the years I thought about this a lot. This was my inspiration for writing The Soulweaver. I wanted to put my main character into the position where she has two men that her soul has loved in different times and she has to choose between them.

How do you deal with rejection?

I make a pasta dish that I call Rejection Pasta, as I made it once after receiving a crushing knockback from a publisher that I had my heart set on. When I ate it, somehow it made me feel better. So usually I’ll pour myself a big glass of wine, eat a bowl of Rejection Pasta and give myself permission to feel really sorry for myself for the rest of the day. Then I get out of bed the next day, force a smile on my face and get back to work. I think it’s healthy to allow yourself be upset and mourn the lost opportunity, as long as you don’t let yourself fall into that black hole for too long.

I love that. I might have to add Rejection Pasta to the coffee shop menu. What’s the best piece of advice on writing you’ve been given?

Write the book you’d love to read. When I started out, I wrote books that I thought would be easy to write and to get published. I was wrong on both counts. Because I didn’t love what I was writing, the words didn’t come easily. And once I had finished that painful writing process, the manuscripts were missing that special x-factor that makes them shine. It wasn’t until I wrote The Soulweaver that everything clicked for me. I loved every minute of it and I think that shows in my words.

And finally, what are you working on next?

I’m working on Books 2 and 3 of The Soulweaver series, which follow my main characters into their next lifetimes. These will be published by Crooked Cat Books in 2018. I also have a couple of crime novels and a middle grade novel sitting on my computer, which I’d like to revive. So there’s always something to do!

Heidi Catherine can be found on Facebook, Twitter or on her website. Her debut novel, The Soulweaver, is available for order now. She also has a free prequel novelette called The Moonchild, which introduces you to two of the main characters from The Soulweaver in the lifetime they lived before the book takes place.

Fantastic – thanks so much Heidi and best of luck with your books. I can’t wait to read them all!

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Twitter – @heidicatherine

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