Book review – Foxtrot in Freshby by Awen Thornber


Paperback £5.99, kindle £1.99, KU ASIN B0776SKHMM, publisher: Crooked Cat Books

I was drawn to this book by its gorgeous cover but as soon as I started reading I got pulled into the story and devoured it in one go.
When dance teacher Gina Pendleton throws her cheating boyfriend out of the house she has to find a way of paying the bills. She decides to turn her love of dance into a business and starts offering lessons in her home but in doing so angers the owner of the established dance school nearby. Strange things start happening and it seems Gina’s being targeted by thieves and vandals. When she meets Chris Jackson she finds herself falling for him as well as his dance steps – but Chris has a secret. What’s he hiding and dare she trust him?
An intriguing, engaging, uplifting light read, peopled with believable characters with plenty of conflict.





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