Book review: the woman in the window by AJ Finn


The story: Anna Fox was until recently a happily married mother and successful child psychologist. Now she’s an agoraphobic, classic movie-obsessed, heavy drinker who fills her day by chatting on an online forum and spying on her New York neighbours.

Staring into the house opposite, she witnesses a murder. But when she reports the crime to the police things take a bizarre turn, forcing her to question what’s real and what isn’t. Battling to prove her version of events, Anna doesn’t know who to trust.

My review: This book was given to me by a friend because she was sure I’d love it. That, coupled with the hype the book’s received made me slightly nervous in case I ended up being disappointed and judging it unfairly. But the first chapter pulled me in and I stayed reading late into the night.

There are lots of references to films in the book, especially Hitchcock’s 1950s film Rear Window in which a similar Peeping Tom situation backfires. If you’re one of those people who thinks that plot has been overused, and especially if you didn’t like Gone Girl or Girl on the Train then I have to say you might be

But if you’re a fan of domestic noir, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a taut, twisty, nightmarish tale which zips along and which has some refreshing differences. Even though I saw some of the twists coming I had to keep reading. Highly addictive!


The Woman in the Window is published by HarperCollins



One thought on “Book review: the woman in the window by AJ Finn

  1. I just finished this too and was worried I’d dislike it just for being overhyped, but I ended up reading it in one sitting as well. A little too similar in the very beginning with Girl on the Train but eventually went in a very different direction!


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