Free book – The Moonchild by Heidi Catherine


As a bookworm I’m always tempted by book bargains but when I saw this story by Heidi Catherine was available for free I was really excited as it’s the prequel to her award-winning novel The Soulweaver, and the Truth Seeker which has just been released in paperback,

The Story: It’s a story of an unlikely friendship that lasts a lifetime and beyond. When two children, Charlie and Essie, meet in outback Australia, they feel an instant connection despite their differences. As they kick up the red sand of the desert by day and sit stargazing on the porch at night, they learn they’re capable of so much more than they’d imagined. Never forgetting the time they spent together, they meet again as adults and realise the impact they’ve had on each other’s lives.

But when Essie’s star threatens to fall, Charlie refuses to believe he won’t be able to catch her this time.

My review: Described as a novelette, this is a quick read but a powerful story that I know will linger with me – a charming, mystical, uplifting tale that’s beautifully told.

To get this ebook for free go to 


3 thoughts on “Free book – The Moonchild by Heidi Catherine

    1. Me too Paula – and I love a good murder mystery too so would love you to visit this coffee shop for a natter sometime (it’s dog-friendly so Duke is more than welcome although I don’t know if he’ll appreciate the virtual biscuits!)


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