Book review: Come A Little Closer by Rachel Abbott



Come a Little Closer, Rachel Abbott

Publisher: Black Dot

Genre: psychological thriller

A group of strangers is brought together because of a bad choice they each made. Now they’re living with the consequences in a strange old house but it’s gradually apparent that things are not what they seem – and what is about the name Julia?

This is a highly original, intriguing and disturbing psychological tale that had me gripped from the start. As the reader you know more than the character so you can see how the situation is being built up from the first encounter and have an idea of the consequences which makes it fly-on-the-wall fascinating and yet there are surprises I didn’t see coming. Different threads – a young woman trying to escape her problems, a body discovered in a lonely place and a man looking for his sister – are skilfully drawn together.

I’m a huge fan of Rachel Abbott’s books so wondered how this one would match up but for me it’s her best yet. I’m always more interested in the character’s situation than the procedural side but Tom Douglas is likeable and believable and I really enjoyed his family situation in this one.

my rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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