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I’m so thrilled that Kristin Anderson, author of The Things We Said in Venice has just joined us with some top travel tips and a bit about her book which has had amazing reviews and I’m really excited about reading:

Venice pink

Travelling in foreign countries is like a shot of espresso to the soul: it wakes you up, throws you into situations that make you humble while expanding your mind, and opens you to the other.

I craved such a wake-up shake-up at a time when it just wasn’t possible to get away. I also love romance. The Things We Said in Venice, a travel romance set largely in Italy, was my creative solution to both of these wishes.

A city’s top-ten attractions are well-worth the visit, but quite often, it’s those encounters and places off the beaten path that you remember the most.

Take photos, but then put away your phone or camera and experience that foreign destination with your own two eyes. You’ll be surprised how those non-photographed moments lock into your memory and connect with your senses far more than what you only experienced behind the camera lens.

If anyone wants to know more about Venice I’d really recommend The Venice Insider’s blog. It’s phenomenal as she really taps into the culture and has lots of book recommendations. I was honoured to have made her 2017 top 10 list.


A gondola, Venice, Italy

High school counselor Sarah Turner knows all about helping others get their lives on track. But when her own life spirals drastically off course due to a fast-track divorce, she surprises everyone. She leaves her job and home in Bend, Oregon and heads to Europe for a six-week solo adventure. Amsterdam is her final destination where she plans to enter a controversial program that could change her life.

From the temples of Angkor Wat to the ruins of Machu Picchu, renowned Dutch travel writer Fokke van der Veld has seen it all. After a major betrayal, there’s one thing he’s not interested in seeing again: women. That’s why the guys-only trip to the Italian Dolomites with his old university friends is just what he needs. Sort of. If they weren’t teasing him and getting him drunk.

When a series of unexpected events in Italy throw Fokke and Sarah together, the sparks are undeniable, but so is the fear that keeps them apart. Will these two independent travelers open themselves up to a chance of love or catch a fast train to safety?
This romantic comedy is a story of self-discovery and love that travels through regions of Italy, Spain, France, Argentina and The Netherlands.

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Kristin Anderson’s degree in English Literature led to a career of writing for others. It wasn’t until she moved to The Netherlands with her husband and their son, that she was able to pursue a lifelong dream of writing fiction. Green, published in 2013, is her debut novel. Her second novel, The Things We Said in Venice, was published in 2017. Both are available in Kindle and paperback on Amazon.

Amazon in the UK:

Amazon U.S:

For the most customer reviews, please see the U.S. link.


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