Publication Day review – The Angel Makers by Tessa Harris

It’s Publication Day for The Angel Makers, the second in the Constance Piper mystery series. If you love Victorian crime with a touch of paranormal you won’t want to miss this!


Tessa Harris’s 18th century Thomas Silkstone anatomist apprentice series has been hugely popular. Fans of Silkstone will love the Constance Piper stories too. Constance is a flower girl in the dark, dangerous streets of London where Jack the Ripper casts his shadow. She’s a strong, likeable character who’s determined to see justice done.

Constance links the mysterious death of her friend Catherine Mylett, a young prostitute, shortly after Cath gave up her baby for adoption, with baby farmer Mother Delaney.

The story’s told in two narrative viewpoints:  Constance’s and Emily’s, a murder victim who guides her from beyond the grave, which given the strong interest among Victorians in clairvoyance makes perfect sense.

This is a chilling, intriguing and atmospheric tale – and all the more so when you consider that baby farming really did go on and this story was inspired by real baby farmer, Amelia Dyer.

It captures the desperation many women must have felt at a time when no assistance was given to unmarried mothers and a terrible social stigma attached to them and the double standards that existed.

Although I’d recommend reading the first book which introduces Constance and Emily,  this story works fine as a standalone.

I was gripped to the end – where there’s a twist I bet you won’t see coming!

The Angel Makers is published by Kensington Books and is available in hardback £19.55 and Kindle £10.44

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About the author

4552976154_preTessa Harris is author of the acclaimed Thomas Silkstone Mysteries. An Oxford graduate with a History degree, she’s been a journalist and editor contributing to many national publications including The Times and The Telegraph.








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