Thursday Themes – Katharine Johnson

With Publication Day for The Secret coming up tomorrow, I’m so thrilled to be able to share my thoughts on secrets in the first of Jo Fenton’s brilliant new blog series where authors talk about the main theme in their books

Jo Fenton

I’m delighted to be able to welcome Katharine Johnson to my blog today to start off the Thursday Themes series.

‘Secrets’ by Katharine Johnson

Tomorrow is publication Day for my novel The Secret.

It will come as no surprise that the key theme of this book is secrets!

How well do you really know anyone? How far can you trust the person you live with? Is it ever possible to keep a secret if someone else knows about it? Can you really say you love someone if you’re keeping them in the dark and accepting their love on false pretences?

These are all questions raised by the book.

Because everyone’s hiding something in the tiny Tuscan village of Santa Zita.

In my book The Silence which was published last year, some deaths at Villa Leonida had been covered up for 25 years because the people who knew about them had their…

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