Book review: The Cornish Retribution by Amanda James


I was pretty certain I’d love this book before I opened the cover – and I was right. A psychological thriller by Amanda James set in Cornwall – what’s not to like? 

Recently widowed Sam who lives in Cornwall is invited to a school reunion in Sheffield. She dreads seeing her old friends Dan and Penny there who betrayed her by going off with each other when they were 16. We know Sam did something she’s ashamed of in retaliation but don’t yet know what.

At the reunion Dan’s very enthusiastic to see her, Penny much less so. It’s obvious that although they appeared to have won all those years ago by ending up with each other, their marriage hasn’t been a success. And now Penny’s parents have died the couple are talking about buying somewhere in Cornwall close to Sam. This doesn’t bode well but things are about to get so much worse and someone will soon end up dead. 

As with many books in this genre, you have to be willing to suspend a certain amount of disbelief in places, and if you’re one of those people who feels it’s essential to like the characters they read about, this wouldn’t be an ideal choice. But if you love dark, twisty, domestic noir stories I’d highly recommend this book.

It certainly lives up to the description “gripping”. The setting is perfect and beautifully portrayed, and the writing is taut. Although I wondered what on earth Sam saw in certain characters, how she could allow herself to get involved and why she wasn’t able to see what was obvious to the reader, I couldn’t stop turning those pages to find out what would happen – and what an ending!

The Cornish Retribution is published by Bloodhound Books and is available in paperback £8.99 and ebook £1.99

To buy from Amazon click here


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