Countdown to publication…1 day!


This time tomorrow The Suspects will be published. Will it be landing on your phone?

Today’s the last day of the blog tour organised by Rachel’s Random Resources which has been fantastic and I really appreciate all the posts and photos on so many fabulous book blogs. Sending your book out to people you don’t know is always a bit scary but it’s had some lovely reviews, some of which you can see on Goodreads

I’m thrilled that people have found The Suspects “addictive”, “compelling”, “twisty”, “intriguing”, “a real sleep-stealer”, and have said that they were kept guessing over whodunnit.

Was it young fogey Stuart, the self-appointed leader whose behaviour is becoming more and more paranoid? Ice-queen Imogen who was conveniently absent when the body was found? Free-spirit Zak who thinks on his feet and disappears from time to time? Dreamer Xanthe who has no family, never has any money for bills but spends recklessly on luxury items? Or is conscientious Emily an unreliable narrator?

You’ll have to read the book to find out!

I never know quite how to categorise my stories but most reviewers have described this as a psychological thriller because it’s about paranoia, guilt and fear of the enemy within. One reviewer described it as “an intense mind game.”

I’ve been describing it as a “quirky psychological thriller” because it’s not a thriller in the sense of an action-packed, blood-and-guts story about a detective hunting down a serial killer so I wouldn’t want to disappoint people buying it with those expectations. There are no car chases, no shoot-outs, no autopsies and there is some humour – but it’s also quite a tense read as the suspects try and cover their tracks and also question if they’re safe with each other.

If you read it I’d love to know which genre you think describes it best.

You can read a sample using the Look Inside feature on Amazon or buy the book here

Or, if you’re a Facebook user, you can find out more tomorrow at the The Suspects Online Launch Party

These fabulous authors will be popping in to share some Eighties nostalgia, discuss house share rules and talk about their books: Catherine Fearns, Kate Braithwaite, Miriam Drori, Jo Fenton and Alice Castle.

See you there!


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