Book review: When I Lost you by Merilyn Davies

Today I have a review of a thriller written by a former crime analyst so if you’re looking for a dark summer read, take a look!

The blurb

When a young couple are the lead suspects for the murder of their only child, crime analyst Carla Brown and DS Nell Jackson are assigned to investigate. The evidence seems conclusive but something just doesn’t feel right. The case is quickly cast into doubt when the lead forensic pathologist starts receiving threatening letters – containing details only the police should know. Who’s sending them? What do they want? And how did they get hold of the information? As Carla and Nell dig deeper it soon becomes clear that this case isn’t the first of its kind. They must stop at nothing to find the truth – even if it hits close to home.

My review

A very intriguing story with a complex plot that I couldn’t wait to get back to every time I was forced to stop reading. As there are different timelines and lots of characters you do need to give the story full attention but it does reward. The procedural story line set in the present day is interesting but for me, the past story line is where this book really shines. The issue of grooming is very topical and the two girls and their relationship with each other and their groomer are brilliantly depicted. Although I had a hunch about what was going on I enjoyed seeing how the team got to the truth. I think the story would appeal to fans of The Ice Cream Girls.

When I Lost You will be published as an ebook (Cornerstone Digital) on 1st July; paperback (Arrow) and audiobook (Penguin Audio) on 22nd August.

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for a copy of this book.


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