Book review: The Move by Felicity Everett

Having read and very much enjoyed The People at Number 9 by this author, I was very much looking forward to reading this.

Karen has packed up her life in London for a fresh start in an idyllic country cottage that her husband Nick has painstakingly renovated, complete with pottery studio for her. But is it really so easy to leave their marriage problems behind? It’s soon clear that Karen is recovering from some sort of mental breakdown, so is moving to an out-of-the-way place with the person responsible for her unhappiness a wise solution? Cut off from her old friends and family, she can’t help wondering if her husband has plans of his own – and if history might be repeating itself.

The setting is ideal for the story – a pretty but claustrophobic village with some larger-than-life characters. Despite the lovely surroundings and thriving village life something doesn’t feel right and soon develops into a growing air of menace.

I was expecting a beautifully written drama rather than a suspenseful thriller and that’s what I got. I found it a riveting, voyeuristic read which felt tauter and darker than The People at Number 9 and has a strong psychological element.

If you love explosive, character-driven domestic dramas then you’re in for a treat.

My thanks to the publisher HQ and NetGalley for a review copy which has in no way influenced my opinion.


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