Book review: The Lost Girls by Helen Pryke

I very much enjoyed Helen Pryke’s Tuscany-based Innocenti series and admire the way she writes. The Lost Girls was obviously going to be a very different type of story but as a huge fan of psychological thrillers I was excited about reading it.

It’s accurately described as “a gripping mystery thriller” and also has a strong psychological thread.

Four years ago, two teenage girls went missing. Desperate to find their missing siblings, Michael and Chloe approach investigative journalist Maggie Turner for help. Maggie, whose nephew was murdered the same year that the girls disappeared, is determined to solve this mystery for her family and that of the girls but it turns into a race against time.

The Lost Girls certainly fulfilled its promise of being a much darker, grittier read than the author’s Tuscan series and I devoured it in one hit. As well as the present timeline, we’re shown the events of four years ago which led up to the girls ‘ abduction, and their life as prisoners of a dangerous and deranged man.

Maggie the investigator is a strong, likeable character with a tragic backstory and a complicated personal relationship. I’m looking forward to reading more of her cases.

One of the narratives is from the kidnapper’s viewpoint, which I found chilling. 17 years ago, he lost his two sisters in a fire. Now he wants them back. Be warned, this isn’t a comfortable read!

If, however, you’re a fan of tense and disturbing investigative thrillers, I can highly recommend this one.

The Lost Girls is published by Bloodhound Books in ebook and paperback formats and is available here


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