Book review: The Street Party by Claire Seeber

Neighbourhood psychological dramas always pique my interest so this book appealed to me straight away. One glance at the premise – One night, three families. Who is lying? – was enough to convince me it would be right up my street (Sorry!)

The party was supposed to be the highlight of the summer. If only I’d known that night would destroy our lives…

All the neighbours were laughing, drinking out of plastic glasses and getting along. I almost felt happy. Almost forgot about the terrible argument earlier and the sinister messages I’d been receiving from a strange address all week, threatening to expose the lies behind my perfect life.

As we finished with the red and gold fireworks and welcomed everyone back to our house, I believed that everything would be okay.

But I didn’t know who I was inviting in.

This is a perfectly constructed, character-based domestic drama full of secrets, suspicion and spite. The three women have such different lives and connections, it’s clear that bringing them together is never going to end well. I felt like a fly on the wall witnessing the awful build-up of tension and questioning everyone’s motives as events unfolded – and was kept gripped to the end.

The London setting is ideal as it’s easy to imagine these families from different socio-economic backgrounds living nextdoor to each other and their stories colliding. I loved the way their lives became intertwined, exposing topical issues of racism, entitlement and consent.

I’m looking forward to reading more books by this author.

The Street Party is an addictive read that I’d highly recommend to fans of psychological suspense and domestic drama. It’s published by Bookouture and available here

Thanks to the publisher for an advance reader copy via NetGalley which has in no way influenced my opinion.

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