Book review: Mother May I? by Joshilyn Jackson

Never Have I Ever was one of my favourite reads last year (perhaps ever) so I was so excited to read this one.

It’s every mother’s worst nightmare.

‘If you ever want to see your baby again, GO HOME.
Tell no one.
Do not call the police.
Do not call your husband.
Be at your house by 5:15 PM.
Or he’s gone for good…’

To get her son back alive, Bree must complete one small but critical task. It seems harmless enough, but this one action comes with a devastating price. And now Bree finds herself complicit in a terrible crime, caught up in a tangled web of secrets that threatens to destroy the perfect life she has built.

Mother May I? is a deftly plotted, nightmarish domestic drama about privilege, consent and revenge. Justly described as a “pulse-racing, heart-pounding thriller”, it lured me in from the first page and held me captive throughout, desperate to find out if she would be able to save her baby and at what price.

What I love most about Joshilyn Jackson’s writing is that a scene most authors would reserve for the climax is only the start and those stakes keep rising. The tension was almost unbearable. The pace is furious and the plot keeps twisting.

I also love the gladiatorial aspect of her novels with two strong female characters up against each other. All right, so the method of revenge is a little far-fetched, but when a story’s so brilliantly told, who cares?

Mother May I is published by Raven Books, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing, and is available here


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