Last chance to buy!

Just a little heads-up that my publisher will be putting its books back up to full price this evening after the Crooked Cat Summer Sale so there’s still time to get a bargain if you’re quick.

There are lots of ebooks in different genres including romance, crime and historical, all reduced to half-price 99p/99c. Here are just a few I’ll be reading soon:

You can find them by putting Crooked Cat into the search box in Amazon.

Or search by their title and author.

And if you’re one of the lovely people who’ve downloaded Lies, Mistakes and Misunderstandings, The Silence or The Secret thank you so very much – I hope you enjoy reading them.



Half-price summer reads

I’m very happy to share a secret with you today:

My publisher Crooked Cat has just announced a summer sale! For the next two days (24-26 July) dozens of ebooks are reduced to half-price – that’s 99p/99c.

A great opportunity to stock up on summer reading!


In case you haven’t bought ebooks before and are wondering, you don’t need a Kindle in order to read them – you can download them to your iPad, phone, laptop or PC using the free kindle reading app.

I’m driving across Europe at the moment so although I’m a big fan of traditional books, I really appreciate the convenience of being able to load dozens of ebooks onto my iPad.

I also love the way I can start reading immediately rather than having to wait for delivery.

And as they cost a fraction of the price of paperbacks I can afford more of them.

My books are all included in the sale this time and can be found on these links:

The Secret

The Silence 

and Lies, Mistakes and Misunderstandings

Or by searching on Amazon.

I’ve enjoyed so many Crooked Cat books in the last year and wish there was room to recommend them all but here are a few fabulous ones I’ve read most recently:


I’ll have some more suggestions tomorrow.

Happy reading!



The Secret – Book Tour & Giveaway

As my final stop on the blog tour here’s a chance to win a copy of The Secret – you can read an extract here. Thanks Book in One Hand Coffee in the Other for hosting me 😊

Book In One Hand Coffee In Another

The Secret banner

A Snap Decision, A Lifetime Of Lies

Secret cover

The Details

Title: The Secret
Publisher: Crooked Cat Books
Publication Date: 1st June 2018
Formats Available: Kindle & Paperback
ISBN-10: 1717003656
ISBN-13: 978-1717003652
Genre: house-of-secrets/mystery/historical
Page Count: 266
Buy Links: Kindle / Paperback
Additional Info: This is a standalone story but features a second dark secret harboured by Villa Leonida, the house at the centre of The Silence, published last year. Although it’s not necessary to have read the first book it’s probably helpful to know that it included the discovery of some bodies at Villa Leonida which relate back to the summer of 1992.

The Blurb

Love, lies and betrayal in wartime Italy.

Two girls growing up in Mussolini’s Italy share a secret that has devastating consequences. Against a backdrop of fear, poverty and confusion during the Second World War friendship is tested and loyalties divided but a chance encounter changes…

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Book review: The Date by Louise Jensen



If you enjoy psychological thrillers you’re in for a treat with this one!

It starts off quite simply but the tension creeps up and up and the situation becomes more complex as layer upon layer of intrigue and suspense is added. It’s clear from the start when Alison wakes up the morning after her date that something has gone horribly wrong. She has no recollection of the evening, has a head injury and has developed face blindness – she’s unable to recognise even the people she knows well which makes her very vulnerable. As threatening messages appear and her best friend goes missing it’s clear someone wants her to suffer for something she’s done in the past.

The story’s told in two viewpoints – the victim and the stalker whose identity isn’t revealed until the end. It’s obviously someone who knows a lot about the victim including her real name. I had to keep reading  to find out what what Ali had done and why the stalker was out for vengeance. To be honest I wasn’t convinced by everything that happened but I think you have to be prepared to suspend some disbelief and just go with it in order to enjoy this story to the max.

I can’t wait to see what Louise Jensen comes up with next.

This book will be published on June 21st. I received a copy from the publisher via Netgalley with no obligation to review.

Hopping on the Virtual Vespa

I was thrilled to be invited to take part in Jane Bwye’s lovely series on settings today and have the chance to talk about the Lucca area in Tuscany.

Jane Bwye

We’re in for another treat today. This series on settings for books is becoming more and more interesting, as I welcome back my friend and fellow “Cat”, Katherine Johnson. Sit back and enjoy!


I’ve written two books set in Tuscany – The Silence which was published last year and The Secret which has just been published (June 1st).

Montefegatesi Montefegatesi

I chose Tuscany as a setting for my Villa Leonida novels because of its beauty, the remote mountain villages and their multi-layered history. There are so many lovely areas in Tuscany and I wouldn’t want to claim any is better than another because they’re all amazing in different ways.

But some of the region’s best kept secrets lie far away from the art cities and Chiantishire. It seemed appropriate to set The Silence and The Secret in one of these lesser-known locations.

I had in mind the Lucca province…

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Blog tour: The World is Never Enough by Sarah Donohue

I’m excited to be taking part in the blog tour for this remarkable autobiography and have the chance to tell you about it. If you’re looking for a bit of motivation in your life at the moment, this is the book to choose!



The World is Never Enough is the action packed story of a female racing driver and stuntwoman who lives life on the edge and enjoys every extreme moment of it… A thrill-seeker by day and glamorous showgirl by night, Sarah Donohue believes in living out her dreams and living life to the full bringing colour and laughter to the lives of everyone around her.

Even after a high-speed powerboat crash putting her on a life-support machine, Sarah didn’t let dying for four minutes or a face held together by titanium plates dampen her spirits. The crash was documented as one of the worst crashes seen in powerboat racings history yet Sarah returned back to racing with BBC’s ‘999’ and ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not’ hiring her as the stuntwoman to re-enact her own near fatal experience. Soon after she became the European powerboat champion. Her journey of triumph over adversity is both inspiring and extreme.

This story takes you through a roller coaster of emotions as Sarah experiences the highest of highs on podium tops to the lowest of lows as she suffers jealous cyber abusers. The funny stories recalled as a forces pinup and staunch supporter of the military through to the not so funny story of Sarah enduring Donald Trump, the now president of the United States of America and his legal team for almost four years.

This feisty girl from Yorkshire loves life and puts as much into it as she can whilst taking anything it throws back at her remaining positive and up beat. This shows that even the impossible can be made possible with the right attitude no matter who you are or where you come from. A motivational, funny and inspirational book showing one woman’s journey on taking on any challenge head to head and her world-renowned success in the male dominated sport of offshore powerboat racing. Even death becomes her.

Book information

Title: The World is Never Enough
Author: Sarah Donohue
Genre: Non-Fiction
Publisher: Deringer Publishing
Format: Paperback


About the author

Born and raised in Saddleworth, Yorkshire born Sarah Donohue has enjoyed over twenty five years competing as a powerboat racer, and is currently the most successful female competitor within the sport. She’ll be returning to race again this year in the US and Hong Kong as the face of the Asia Powerboat Series. As well as racing, Sarah is a qualified personal trainer, international Tri-Fitness champion and, between the years of 2011-2017, created and ran the annual Miss Galaxy Universe fitness competitions in the UK.

Website: Website
Twitter: Twitter
Instagram: Instagram

To find out more check out the other stops on Sarah’s blog tour:



Another Italian lover

I really enjoyed my virtual hop over the Appenines to visit author Angela Petch and chat about writing and Italy. Visit her website to find out about her brilliant books and a creative writing course in Tuscany:

Angela Petch's Blog

Now, did I catch your interest with my title? I’m happily married, thank you, to a half-Italian, half-English gentleman, so I don’t need no lover… BUT, via social media, I have met another writer who has fallen under the Italian spell. Her latest book, “The Silence”, came out a few days ago and I caught up with her for a chiacchierata and a coffee… (work that one out for yourselves). Meet Katharine Johnson, who is published by Crooked Cat Books.

Katy,  both the books I’ve read by you are set in Italy and have a historical slant. How did your interest in Italy start?

In the 1990s I spent a month in Florence between leaving one magazine and starting on a new one whose launch was a bit delayed. While I was there I found out about a wonderful course at the university per stranieri at Villa Fabricotti, all taught…

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