Book review: Under Your Skin by Rose McClelland

It’s Publication Day for Under your Skin by Rose McClelland. As soon as I saw this cover I had to read the book!

When Hannah goes missing, her husband Kyle calls the police, convinced something bad’s happened to her. Frustrated by the lack of progress in their investigation, however, he sets up a Facebook group to get people to search for her, using the hashtag #FindHannah. Someone out there knows the truth. Where is Hannah and what’s the truth behind her disappearance?

The premise drew me in from the first page of this dark and gripping domestic drama and held me captive to the end. Rose McClelland is best known for her romantic novels so in some ways this is a complete departure, but she’s never been afraid to delve into darker themes in her chick lit such as domestic abuse in The Year of No Rules. It’s a central theme of this novel, too, and she captures brilliantly the insidious nature of coercive control, painting a picture for us layer by layer.

We learn where Hannah is being held in the second chapter, but how did she get there and who’s responsible? Then we’re taken back into her past to find out how she got together with charismatic Kyle and the roller coaster relationship that followed. You might be thinking at this point that you know exactly where the story is going but don’t be fooled!

The story’s told in several viewpoints including police, friends, and Julia who joins Kyle’s Facebook group and gradually uncovers his secrets, so we also learn about their own relationships and how they’re affected by the search for Hannah.

Under Your Skin is published by Darkstroke Books. I can’t say any more about the story without giving away spoilers but you can read it here.

Be warned – it will get under your skin!

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