Book review: One Step Behind by Lauren North

I’ve read one other book by Lauren North (The Perfect Betrayal) and love the way she writes so I came to this with high expectations.

Jenna is a hospital doctor with two lovely children – and a stalker. Every time she leaves the house she knows he’s there. Disturbing gifts are left on her doorstep, cruel emails are sent to her colleagues – but she has no idea why she’s being targeted and feels powerless. But everything changes when her stalker is brought into the hospital after a serious accident. The tables are turned and Jenna’s the one with the power. But how far is she willing to go to take back control of her life?

Wow, what an addictive roller coaster! It more than met my expectations – in fact, I read it in one night. It’s fast-paced and full of suspense with a strong, believable main character. From the opening lines you know you’re in for a heart-in-mouth read:

“My heart is beating machine-gun-fire fast as I reach out to undo the new deadbolt at the top of the front door.”

I really felt for Jenna who’s on high alert for her stalker’s next move while trying to hold her marriage together and keep things normal for her children, Beth and Archie.

The story also highlights the shocking fact that the conviction rate for stalking is less than 15%.

A second narrative is told by Sophie, a personal trainer who has a controlling boyfriend Nick and a vulnerable brother, Matthew who she’s always protected. I loved the way the different strands of the story unfolded. I’d recommend it to any fans of psychological suspense.

My thanks to the author and publisher for the chance to read an advance copy via Netgalley with no obligation to review.

One Step Behind is published by Penguin. The kindle version is available now and the paperback in September. Find out more here

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