Book review: Murder Served Cold by Paula Williams


The story

Nothing much happens in the sleepy Somerset village of Much Winchmoor (or “Not Much Winchmoor” as Katie “Kat” Latcham calls it. ) Forced to return to the village in which she grew up and live with her parents after breaking up with her boyfriend Kat wonders how she’ll be able to pass the time – but not for long.

Soon a lot is happening but not in a good way. When village busybody Marjorie Hampton is found dead in a freezer John Manning is the obvious suspect but Kat is sure he’s innocent. She teams up with his son Will to prove it – but before long another murder is discovered. Will Katie be able to solve the crime before curiosity kills the Kat?

My review

This is a thoroughly enjoyable cozy crime story, peopled with larger than life characters and a warm, funny, likeable amateur sleuth. There’s a bit of romance, plenty of humour, some misdirection and twists and turns along the way.

I’d recommend it to fans of cozy crime such as Midsomer Murders and Alice Castle’s books. It’s an easy read, guaranteed to brighten a cold, wet day. I’ll be looking out for Kat’s next adventure.

Murder Served Cold is published by Crooked Cat Books and is available in ebook and paperback here


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